BFAudioPro M10i

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Digital pilot series induction microphone system characteristics 

Industry automatic induction hand patent technology, left hand phone still winthin 3 sencond after

automatic mute (any direction, at any Angle Can be), automatic ennegy saving into standby mode

after 5 minutes after automatic shutdown and completely cut off the power supply

is a new The concept of intelligent,automated wireless microphone


  • New audio circuit structure,the high is exquisite, the low frequence is strong,especially on the details of sound with perfect performance. Super strong dynamic tracing ability makes far/near distance easy ck up charge
  • A new concept of digital pilot technology,completely solve KTV rooms each string frequency phenomenon, never string frequency!
  • Configuration has noise suppression function circuit, debugging easier
  • Automatic search no interference chanel function, installation more convenient
  • Free to litmit output maximum volume, apdapt to the range
  • UHF frequency band, phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency sunthesis
  • 100 * 2 channel, channel spacing 250khz
  • Superheterodyne secondary frequency convertion design, has extremely high receiving sensivity
  • Rf part adopts multilever high -perfomance mediaum filter,good anti- interfrerence ability
  • The first intermedicate frequence acoustic filters, the second intermedicate frequence use level 3
  • Ceramic filter, very good to improve the anti-interference ability
  • Espesualy the mute circuit design, completely eliminate the micro phone turned on and off the impact of the noise
  • The microphone use 5 tesco 5 batteries, with up to 6-10 hours
  • The microphone adopt unique design of booster battery down does not affect the hand cannot overall performance
  • The ideal environment for operating radius of 80meters, suitable for all kind of requirements
  • The default configuration for LCD blackliht tube, mike duct alumium alloy body
  • Have adjustable transmission power and noise threshold, after receiver panel is set external noise control knob can be in 10 metres
  • According to need flexible setup effective radius of operation between 80 metres
  • Have ir automatic frequency function, can made the microphoe to work fast synchroniziation and recever chanel
  • KTV engineering special models, two microphone,a host. Easily configure more than 100 KTV rooms,
  • The product structure design inunique, quick and easy mainternance


Suitable for high -Grade KTV room, small and medium sized performances,

Classroom, meetingroom, etc., is this year’s key new products, are extremely

Customer welcome, packing type: conventional color box packaging ( see sample)

Technical indicators

System parameters:

Frequency range


Modulation method

PLL frequency synthesis

Adjustable number

of channels


Channel spacing


Stability of


Dynamic range


Maximum deviation


Audio frequency

40-18KHz (±2dB)





Receiver parameters

Receiving mode

Superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion

Pilot mode

Digital pilot

Audio output

Balanced output and mixed output

Antenna access




Sensitivity of

12dBuV(80db S/N)

Power supply


Emitter parameters:

Pickup head

Moving coil


Infrared to frequency

Spurious harmonic


RF power outpu


Power supply mode

2 Pieces NO5. AA battery

Battery life

Can be used for more than 8 hours

user manual (MICRO_M10I.pdf, 2,164 Kb) [Tải về]