40.000.000 VNĐ
Còn hàng
  • Configuration: LV15
  • System Type: 15”,2-Way Full Range Bass Reflex System
  • Frequency Range(-10db): 30Hz-20KHz
  • Frequency Range(+/-3db): 70Hz-20kHz
  • Recommended Cf: 1600Hz LATOP HF Driver Protection
  • Nominal Dispersion: 60°H×60ºV
  • Power Handing: 600W
  • Peak Power Capacity: 2400 watts
  • Sensitivity at 1 W/1M 105db
  • Rated Maximum SPL: 136db Peak,@1M
  • Nominal Lmpedance: 8 ohms
  • LF Driver: 1×LA15 LV38
  • HF Driver: 1×LAH 485
  • Dimensions(H×W×D): 700mm×0.5(430+300)mm×450mm
  • Net Weight: 30Kg
  • Input Connectors: Multifunction connectors
  • Mounting & Suspension: 35 mm, steel pole-mount
  • Main features: LV15 is a 15-inch full-audio speaker with 75-core super-magnetic high-pitched sound. It has more power, stronger rigidity, smoother frequency response, sweeter and sweeter, and softer. The bass adopts the latest super-magnetic PPTM technology, which is suitable for long-term large dynamic use without distortion, and the bass dive is powerful, round and delicate, clear and transparent, and drums are not at all. Guided to the back of the box, this structure makes the LV15 more rich in sound quality, enhances the loudness and sound of the speaker, and the low-frequency elasticity is stronger. Installation and use of the recommended cabinet body distance 25CM best play. Overall features: LV15 high and medium sound transparent, clear, soft, CD reduction accurate, bass full dive, drum point strong impact heart, real big dynamic high fidelity super shocking fifteen inch full audio.
  • Scope of use: LV15 is suitable for high-end banquet halls, bars, multi-purpose halls, small and medium-sized outdoor performances, luxury KTV bags, theaters, stadiums, auditoriums, studios, churches, etc.