BFAudioPro AR4010

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AR 4010 is composed of 4 10-inch NdFeB full-frequency units and a 75-core NdFeB tweeter. It has a power of 1000 watts and a maximum sound pressure of 140dB.

Application technology of aluminum front load panel; strip-shaped injection port. Effectively control the compression ratio of air, improve the sensitivity of the mid-frequency area, and make the sound spread farther.

The sound column... is no longer synonymous with small-scale performances and speech reinforcement. Botton AR4010 large-scale sound column, focusing on outdoor performances, large-scale parties, is the favorite of fans who pursue high fidelity and loud sound pressure.

The diffusion angle of 60°×70° overcomes the shortcomings of the small vertical angle of the linear array, and is very suitable for theaters and auditoriums.

Use oblique insertion, concealed cast aluminum terminal to improve equipment life (patent project).

Product parameters: 

Rated power (W): 1000W

Impedance (Ω): 8

Diffusion angle: 60×70

Sensitivity (dB): 104

Maximum sound pressure level (dB): 140

Frequency response (Hz): 45-18.5K

Box material: 15mm plywood

Unit structure: LF:65ND@4 HF:75ND

Box size (W×D×H):

Packing volume (m3): 0.35

Net weight (kg): 50

Gross weight (kg): 88.9

Hanging: Yes