BFAudio K-306D+ Wifi Pro (phiên bản mạ vàng 2017)

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KTV digital preamp karaoke OK rooms, dance halls simple requirements, multi-purpose hall or conference room use, because of its good effect, easy to operate, cost-effective, highly popular. Kara This product has a speaker processor function OK effect, each functional parts are independently adjustable, and a corresponding PC interface, easy to operate.


● This series is having a speaker processor karaoke function OK effect, every part of the function are independently adjustable.

● use 24Bit data bus and 32Bit the DSP .

 the MUSIC has a 7 -band parametric equalizer. MUSIC to the main output of the high pass filter: 12dB-24dB ( 0Hz-303Hz )

 the MIC has a 15 -band parametric equalizer, microphone compression limiter function.

● The main output has a 5 -band parametric equalizer. Compression limiter function.

● The rear output, rear output and subwoofer has a 3 -band parametric equalizer.

● microphone has 4 Zhong feedback inhibition, and optionally OFF / 1/2/3 .

● can store 16 patterns.

● microphone output, main output, the rear output, subwoofer output and rear output are equipped with limiter and delay function.

● site administrator mode and user mode, user mode after adjusting the parameters can not be stored.

● The machine is equipped with a full-featured menu or via PC setup Wifi interface.


Technical Parameters

  • The maximum input level:   4V ( the RMS )
  • Maximum output level:   4V ( the RMS )
  • Music Gain:       the MAX : 12dB
  • Microphone sensitivity:   64mV ( Out : 4V )
  • SNR:        > 80dB
  • Power supply:       220V / the AC / 50Hz
  • Size:           483 * 218.5 * 47.5mm
  • Net weight:           3.5KG

BFAudio K-306D+ (Bfaudio_K-306D_.rar, 707 Kb) [Tải về]