48.000.000 VNĐ
Còn hàng

XO-12 is a professional speaker design for the music lovers. Pentagonal cabinet effectively suppress the formation of harmful standing waves. Rounded horn, the high-frequency diffusion angle control in the horizontal 75°* vertical 60°, the horn can be rotated within 90°convenient for lateral hanging. Junction box use aluminum alloy casting, the effective suppression of resonance, and difficult to collision damage.                                                                           



One φ65mm LF driver, 1  φ44mm HF diriver, 2 way speaker. Warm sound, MF and LF full, HF smooth.          



Recording studio, performance, music appreciation and demanding karaoke place, stage monitor.




Rated Power: 350W  

Component: LF1*12" φ65mm Voice Coil/ HFφ44mm Voice Coil                     

Impedance: 8Ω                                

Dispersion: 60x75°                                   

Sensitivity: 97dB                                 

Max. SPL: 122dB                                     

Freq. Response: 65-19.5kHz                               

Cabinet: 18mm Birch Plywood                             

DIM(W*D*H): 379*378*631mm                         

MEAS(W*D*H): 475*475*710mm                                     

N.W: 25kg                                                   

G.W: 29kg