BFaudio T6.12

20.000.000 VNĐ
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The BFAUDIO T6.12 Series 3 channels amplifier series, 2U compact design, 3 channels independent control, equipped with two full-range channels and a low frequency channel, connecting a pair of full-range speakers and one subwoofer only used with excellent results. T6.12 series are ideal for small theater, KTV rooms, conference rooms, small performances, multi-purpose hall and other fixed installations.

1.Three channels high-power independently
T6.12 series amps are equipped with full frequence 10/12/15inch front speaker, the third channel with a variety of sizes can also be full-range rear speaker or subwoofer. An amplifier power amplifier efficiency is equal to two amplifiers, Which is reduce the power amplifier quantity and the cost of project, easy management and maintenance.

2.C channel offer crossover function 
T6.12 Series amp’s C channel designed divide function, the full-frequency, high frequency and low frequency of these three modes are free to switch, at the same time, low frequencies can be adjusted. The operating mode can be switched from the rear panel. So T6.12 series amplifiers are widely to use. 

3. Four fans with Strong cooling 
In order to meet the long-term stability of output power amplification, we specially designed cooling channel tunnel, with four high-quality imported Sanyo brand fans, the formation of advanced cooling system to ensure the stability of the amplifier

4.IL-N LINE is noise-free
After continuous efforts of the engineers designed IL-N line, when without output connect, T6.12 series have no noise even if turns to the maximal volume. It will increase the quality of the sound engineering.

5 unique cooling system design 
In order to ensure the stability of the T Series amplifier 8 ohm / 4 ohm power output, BFAUDIO open the mode to designed a highly efficient heat dissipation aluminum U-channel tunnel, with SANYO cooling fan, then making the T6.12 series reduce the temperature 5 degrees. Even 4 ohm load power output, but amplifier internal temperature remained at a reasonable safety margin, the whole work environment more stable, more secure.

net weight : 25 kg